Friday, February 22, 2008

Did you know?

The ant can lift 50 times its weight, pull 30 times its weight and always falls to the right side when it suffers intoxication.

The crocodile can't show its tong.

If someone piss you off, you have to use 42 muscles of your face to move(franzir) the forehead. But only need of 4 muscles to stretch their hands and give a punch in the head of that annoying! (Hahahahaha. ... without violence)

To produce only 300 cigarettes a tree is destroyed. In Brazil, are consumed 128 billion cigarettes annually, which corresponds to the destruction of 426 million trees!

The pressure produced by the beating human heart is sufficient to splashing blood at a distance of 9 meters.


Ana Maria said...

The information about the amount of trees destroyed by the production of a cigarette really made me think. This is another serious reason cigarettes should not exist. It´s great you have posted again. Start visiting other blogs at Pageflakes and interact with others. Whenever you sign comments remember to write your blog address below so that people can visit you in return.


Danúbia Bull said...

Hi Pedro,
I wonder how many muscles we need to move in order to smile!!!!!
Your posts keep being very interesting and i enjoy reading them! Great job!
Like Ana Maria said, now it is time to start visiting other blogs and see what they have to say!
See you on Wednesday.

Marcela said...

Hi Pedro!
I really like the post.
It's a fantastic blog about curiosities. It's very interesting.

Ana Maria said...

Dear Pedro,

I´ve created a little slideshow using ANIMOTO with the pictures we took last weekend and you´re there, why don´t you have a look?


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Pedro!

this is definitely a blog I will follow, all things here are interestingly and informatively funny!

Listen, I'm an English teacher in Brasília and my students are also beginning their blogs. Maybe you could pay them a visit and advertise your blog. They're blogs are all at

See ya!

Anonymous said...

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