Sunday, February 17, 2008


Seating health fluorescent
The Australian scientists developed a private that shine in the dark. The product facilitates who do not like to turn on the lights when they go to the bathroom at night.
Comment: Unnecessary

To see where you are walking when it is dark.
Comment: Cool

Spoon with fan
For anyone burn the tong in time to eat soup.
Comment: Boring

Seating health speaker
The Dutch Leonard van Munter developed the dishes equipped with sensors that give advice. The health tips? Ranging from warnings to stop smoking to gossips about hygienic habits of users.
Comment: Funny


-Cami :D said...

pedroooo,ameiiii o blog mtooo lindoo
o layout combino coom vc!!!
beem a inspiração acabooo
beijoo te amooo

Ana Maria said...


Great start and interesting topic! I guess my favourite invention would be the SPOON WITH A FAN, I always burn my tongue when I have soup :* And the shiny toilet is a good idea too, then you don´t have to turn on the lights when you need to go in the dark. hahaha. Good job. Your blog is in pageflakes now. Check out PAGEFLAKES


Ana Maria said...

Oh, I forgot, you have to allow people to comment in your blog. Go to your PAINEL (dashboard), configurações (settings), comentários (comments) and click on qualquer um (anyone) so that anyone can leave a comment here. It would help if you chose ENGLISH on the dashboard.


Danúbia Bull said...

Hi Pedro,

Interesting topic! AS Camila said the layout has everything to do with you!
Well, I guess I~d love to have one of those shining toilets... I go to the bathroom a lot at night..hahaha
Mrs. Bull

marco aurelio (inter-b) said...

i think it's a good we don't need to care with the ligth when we go to the bathroom at nigth just because your private shine in the dark!?

=P nice